A complement to your individuality and life experiences. Enjoy luxury jewellery inspired by Turkish heritage, which is lavish in style yet versatile enough to wear with anything and everything. Made from precious metals and gemstones that incorporate symbolic, minimalistic pendants and bold colours that remarkably denote personality and expression.


Fine jewellery that will outlive you. From the stones to the metalwork, every piece in our collection is of the highest calibre. Handcrafted with the utmost care, precision and an obsession with detail by expert Turkish artisans using age-old techniques that have been passed down through generations. They’re guaranteed to look good on you today as they will in 30 years' time.


Your next family heirloom. Discover handcrafted jewellery that’s timeless in its elegance – increasing in its worth much like fine wine. Worthy to be enriched with your culture and life stories. Assets to be handed down from generation to generation, for your family to enjoy and cherish as much as you did before them.

18ct White Gold Neon Green Evil Eye Chain Bracelet with Diamonds

This simple yet chic, evil eye chain bracelet is perfect for everyday styling. It can either be worn singularly or layered with other colours from our collection for a more dramatic look. The bracelet is created using dual lengths of small belcher link chains. The chains are made from 18ct whit...

18ct White Gold Diamond and Blue Enamel Evil Eye Bracelet

Simple yet fashionably stylish and completely affordable, our pared-down version of the classic evil eye bracelet is ideal for those enjoy understated jewellery whilst still expressing their creativity. Starting with the chain, this bracelet is primarily created from a repeating pattern of rect...

Faultless Charm Evil Eye 18k White Gold Gemstone-Embellished Bracelet – Light Blue

Ward off any misfortune while still maintaining a stylish look with the Faultless Charm Bracelet! This beauty also makes for a meaningful gift, sculpted from 18k white gold into a delicate design. The evil eye charm is hung by a fine chain that barely looks like it’s there and displays a light b...

Love Allure 18k Gold Gemstone-Embellished Chain-Link Heart Bracelet

You and the Love Allure Bracelet are a match made in heaven! This luxe piece will be the most loved in your jewelry collection, designed from 18k gold. The chain-link style is complemented with a hollow-out heart that adds a romantic touch, graced with shimmering precious stones for you to look ...

18ct Yellow Gold Diamond and Emerald Evil Eye Chain Bracelet

There are so many diverse styles in our Evil Eye Collection and this striking bracelet is no different. It uses natural tones and geometric shapes to create a truly memorable and impactful design. The bracelet starts with a slim 18ct yellow gold belcher link bracelet chain. The links, while sma...

Neon Green Rainbow Earrings

At the End of the Rainbow Green Earrings These rainbow earrings make you feel like you're walking on sunshine. The subtle pop of neon green imparts vibrant energy, and its hue enlivens neutral attires. These little hoops are embellished with sparkling little diamonds in the middle, giving them a...

Sugar-Plum Pink Earrings

Sugar-Plum Pink Earrings These classic Sugar-Plum Pink Earrings are perfect for times you want to show off your playful side. The precious diamond in the heart of each sugar-plum pink pair provides a subdued alluring twinkle, like a basket of treats subtly beckoning your inner child to grab a sw...

Windows to the Soul Evil Eye 18K Gold Gemstone-Embellished Earrings

The Endless Endearment Earrings will attract nothing but success and self-assurance! This beautiful pair is featured with an evil eye design that makes sure you feel at peace no matter where you’re headed, featuring an 18k gold construction. These earrings are drenched in gleaming precious stone...

The Queen’s Ransom Evil Eye Ear Cuff Earrings

You'll be the belle of the ball with these dainty evil eye ear cuffs! Wearing these evil eye ear cuffs will be like dousing a drink with three drops of good fortune. These refined beauties come bedecked with glittering diamonds, with three more tiny diamonds trickling subtly down the eye like ey...

How Two Different 
Dreams Became One

Didosh Jewellery was born out of a passion for the opulent. It’s the feather in the cap of Turkish sisters Didem and Ebru, who moved to the UK in 1992.

Like many sisters, their interests were quite different from one another. Where young Didem was passionate about fashion and jewellery, playing fancy dress and showing guests her handmade jewellery, Ebru was interested in numbers.

As time passed, passions burned brighter and interests remained different. Didem earned her Master's Degree in Secure E-commerce, which solidified her knowledge of business. It empowered her to market and sell her personally designed jewellery to private clients.

Ebru, on the other hand, took a slightly different route, working tirelessly in the corporate world of banking and information security with Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Deloitte. But after years of taking time off work and focusing on her children, she realised she wanted to start a company of her own. So when her kids eventually started attending boarding school, she and Didem decided it was time to take their dreams to new heights – together.

Our mission

Didosh Jewellery aims to make every woman feel special and elegant no matter who they are or where they go. It offers fine, everyday jewellery that’s hugely loved and wearable for a variety of occasions. Whether you’re on the school run, walking the dog, in a board meeting, out at dinner or dancing on the tables!

Both Didem and Ebru are strong believers that diamonds are special – but should not be reserved only for special events. Instead, they should be worn at every given opportunity – layered or stacked with other pieces based on your style and personality. Because diamonds, in the end, are more than a piece of jewellery. They tell stories about the people who wear them every day, year after year. These timeless heirlooms are to be passed down from mother to daughter for generations. And with every passing, their stories grow deeper and more meaningful.

Honouring Turkish culture

The sisters’ combined background in design and finance is what built this refined brand inspired by their Turkish heritage – bringing signature jewellery and accessories to connoisseurs of luxury. They have an established workshop at Grand Bazaar, Turkiye, where they work closely with a multitude of international and local brands. A team of dedicated craftspeople and artisans, whose skill sets Didosh Jewellery enthusiastically supports, bring their original designs to fruition. All the artisans use techniques passed down from generation to generation, so you can be assured that Didosh pieces are long-lasting and well-crafted.

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Soft Launch at Olivocarne Restaurant on Elizabeth Street

The sleek and elegant setting of Olivocarne lent a magic touch to the initial preview of our fine jewellery collection. For the first time, our friends and private clients had the opportunity to see and try on our jewellery in person. Everyone loved how gratifying it felt to wear it.

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