14ct Rose Gold Diamond Heart-Shaped Stud Earrings


With this pair of stud earrings we’ve taken the classic heart shaped design and given it a modern, edgy makeover!

Instead of smooth curves, the distinctive shape of each earring has been created using straight lines to form the geometric outline of a heart.

One side of the heart features a bold line of black enamel. The opposite side is adorned with a bright rectangular diamond cluster. The clusters on both earrings are made from three baguette cut diamonds. The two clusters weigh 0.23ct. For the remaining sections, the outline is decorated with a single line of round cut diamonds. The round diamonds have a combined weight of 0.21ct.

These 14ct rose gold stud earrings are fastened with a butterfly catch. Together they weigh 3 grams and come in a standard size.

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