18ct Yellow Gold Chain Style Baguette Diamond Ring

We love it when chains are stacked together so we created a range of rings that could be worn with in tandem with chain necklace and bracelets – whilst also looking stunning in their own right!

Created from shimming 18ct yellow gold, this ring started life as a regular circular band before the top half of the ring was carefully and exquisitely shaped to represent chain links. Each of the six links is decorated with round cut diamonds.

Placed in the centre of the ring, and framed by three links on either side, is a beautiful rectangular diamond cluster. The cluster features three baguette cut diamonds with three round cut diamonds on opposite sides of the centre stones.

We guarantee that all gemstones used in our jewellery are natural and untreated. This includes all of the diamonds in this ring which have a G colour grade. Each baguette cut gemstone has a carat weight of 0.16ct. The remaining diamonds have a combined weight of 0.32ct.

This ring weighs an average of 4.7 grams. Please check size availability


  • 18K Gold: approx 4.70 gr
  • Diamonds: 
    • D:G:0.32
    • Baguette: D:G 0.16-Stone
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Color: White Gold

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