14ct Rose Gold Black Diamond and Silver Enamel Octagonal Hoop Earrings


If you want something more exciting than plain gold hoop earrings, we have the perfect item for you!

Introducing our octagonal hoop earring range, each piece has been careful designed and crafted from gorgeous 14ct rose gold. The yellow gold is used for the main body and the stem of each earring.

Decorating the front and back sections of the earrings are shimming pieces of silver enamel. The enamel sits perfectly and securely within a border of yellow gold.

To contrast the paler tones of the main design, the sides of the earrings are decorated with a row of black round cut diamonds. These mesmerising diamonds weigh a combined total of 0.33ct.

The earrings have a total weight of 8.4 grams and are available in a single size.

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