18ct White Gold Diamond and Dark Blue Enamel Evil Eye Adjustable Bracelet


Part of our popular evil eye collection, this bracelet is perfect for everyday wear and comes with an easily adjustable design.

The main body of the bracelet is crafted from braided navy blue cord. The colour wonderfully compliments the blue tones of the 18ct white gold and enamel elements also used in the design.

The focal point of this bracelet is the evil eye jewel that sits in the middle of the cord. Situated on a foundation of white gold is a circular piece of dark blue enamel. The outer edge of the enamel is decorate with a circle of small diamonds. To form the pupil of the eye a single black diamond is encircled by clear diamonds.

All of the clear diamonds share a colour grade of VS1 and together weigh of total of 0.31ct. The individual black diamond weighs 0.03ct.

This bracelet weighs 2.80 grams and has an adjustable strap.


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