18ct Rose Gold Evil Eye with Lashes Multi-Tone Diamond Bracelet

For the design of this bracelet we wanted to explore the beauty of multi-tone diamonds and fuse it with the mystery of the evil eye symbol to create a single stunning piece of jewellery.

The focus of the bracelet is the diamond encrusted evil eye which is positioned at the centre of the item. The outline and iris of the eye are crafted from yellow and brown diamonds. These weigh 0.22ct and 0.48ct respectively. White diamonds give contrast to the design. These are used to form the sclera and weigh a total of 0.19ct with a very good colour grade of G. Finally a 0.04 black gemstone represents the eye’s pupil.

The lower half of the eye is further decorated with curving 18ct rose gold lashes.

On either side of the eye is a length of rose gold belcher link bracelet chain. Each side of the chain is delicately highlighted with two round diamonds.

This bracelet weighs an average of 3.3 grams.


  • 18K Gold: approx 3.35 gr
  • Diamond:G:0.19
  • Brown BRW: 0.48
  • Black Bl:0.04
  • Yellow Diamonds: approx 0.22 cts

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