18ct White Gold Neon Blue Rainbow Bracelet with Diamonds

We believe that jewellery should be a joy to wear and, as accessories, should make a wonderful statement when worn. That is why we developed our Rainbow Collection.

At the forefront of this bracelet’s design is the inclusion of a bright rectangle of neon blue enamel. This long section is slightly curved to fit comfortably around the wearer’s wrist. Running through the centre of the neon blue enamel is a line of equally sized round cut diamonds. The natural diamonds have colour grade of F and weigh a total of 0.14ct.

All the elements are set in 18ct white gold. White gold has also been used to create the small spherical beads which make up the remaining length of the bracelet.

This bracelet weighs an average of 3 grams.


  • 18K Gold: approx 3 gr
  • Diamond:F:0.14
  • Natural, untreated gemstones

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Color: Pink

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