18ct Yellow Gold Neon Pink Rainbow Bracelet with Diamonds

Part of our popular Rainbow Collection, this bracelet brings together vivid colours and strong materials to create a stylish piece of everyday jewellery that can be worn again and again.

At the heart of this bracelet is a single line of round cut diamonds. All of the diamonds have a good colour grade of F and a combined weight of 0.14ct. These diamonds are set within a curved rectangular segment of neon pink enamel. This section curves slightly to fit to the wearer’s wrist.

On either side of the neon pink enamel is a single line of 18ct yellow gold spherical beads. The bracelet’s fastening is also made from yellow gold.

 This bracelet weighs an average of 3 grams.

Rainbow bracelet-pink


  • 18K Gold: approx 3 gr
  • Diamond:F:0.14

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Color: Neon blue

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