18ct White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet

We’re celebrating all things spiritual and mystical with our eye-catching, mind-bending, evil eye bracelet.

At the heart of the bracelet is the evil eye design itself. The design features a group of non-concentric ovals. The first layer is a softly polished sheet of 18ct white gold. Resting at a slight angle within the gold is an oval of round cut diamonds which form the sclera of the eye. Next is the iris which is crafted from brilliantly blue sapphires. At the very centre of the design is a single black gemstone to represent the pupil.

All of the diamonds used in this bracelet have a great colour grade of F. They have a combined weight of 0.20ct. The sapphires and black gemstone weigh 0.11ct and 0.06ct respectively.

The length of the bracelet comes from a series of smart rectangular links – made from 18ct white gold. A short section of jump rings at the end of the bracelet allows the size to be altered. This bracelet weighs an average of 5.8 grams.


  • 18K Gold: approx 5.80 gr
  • Diamond:F:0.20
  • Blue: BLU:0.11
  • Black:BL:0.06
  • Natural, untreated gemstones

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