What Is The Meaning Of Evil Eye Jewellery?

If you've ever seen a piece of jewellery or artwork featuring an eye, then chances are you have come across the concept of evil eye jewellery.

 But what does it mean? The belief in the power of the evil eye is one that goes back centuries and has been prominent in many different cultures around the world.

 As experts in evil eye jewellery here at Didosh, we will explore its history and explain why this ancient talisman continues to captivate jewellery customers today. 

Read on to discover more about the meaning behind it!

So before we get into more details, let’s nail the brief first.

Evil Eye Jewellery is an ancient talisman said to protect the wearer from curses and negative energy. Originating in Ancient Greece, it was believed that evil intentions projected onto another person could cause harm or misfortune. Wearing Evil Eye jewellery brings fortune as well as spiritual protection from bad luck and psychic harm.

Ok now we have the short answer in place, let’s start looking into this fascinating art concept in more depth by looking at its ancient history.

History of evil eye jewellery

The history of evil eye jewellery is steeped in superstition and tradition. Its rich history dates back to ancient Europe and Asia.  For centuries, this type of jewellery has been used as protection against negativity or bad luck.

The charm of the evil eye is thought to protect those who wear it from curses and negative energy sent by envious people.

It was thought that evil intentions or emotions projected from one person to another could cause harm and misfortune, so these talismans were used to ward off these curses which eventually evolved into the recognizable jewellery commonly worn today.

Originating in Greece, and then through its spread across countries including Turkey, Egypt and Italy, this type of charm has retained its original meaning - protection from the dangers brought about by those who bestowed envy, hate or malice onto an individual through a gaze or glance.

Despite its ancient roots, evil eye jewellery remains a popular and powerful way to protect yourself from psychic harm even today!

“The charm of the evil eye is thought to protect those who wear it from curses and negative energy sent by envious people.”

So how is this ancient talisman reflected in jewellery?

Read on to discover more.

What is evil eye jewellery?

Are you looking for a meaningful gift that symbolizes protection and good luck? If so, evil eye jewellery could be a perfect choice!

Historically regarded as an amulet to ward off negative forces or ill will as we discovered earlier, wearing an evil eye charm is said to protect the wearer from the threat of harm.

As well as being deeply symbolic and believed to bring fortune, the stunning range of designs available make it undeniable that this piece of jewellery has become a must-have for fashion enthusiasts across cultures around the world.

So what is it that makes these beautiful jewellery pieces such a timeless trend and how do we interpret their unique meaning?

What Is The Meaning Of Evil Eye Jewelry?

Evil eye jewellery is said to protect its wearer from the dreaded "evil eye," a malicious stare that can cause misfortune, sickness, or even death.

Traditionally, evil eye jewellery features a design with a blue or black eye staring out from the centre, surrounded by other symbols and colours.

Evil eye jewellery is believed to act like a shield against negative energy and harm and is said to keep away any ill-wishing eyes by creating powerful protection for the wearer.  It also serves as a reminder that people should remain vigilant in their thoughts and words towards others in order to prevent these bad energies from entering the world.

Many cultures around the world have adopted this symbol as part of their faith and culture, often creating their own interpretations and stories behind the meaning of evil eye jewellery.

So for this reason, it can be seen in many forms such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets and more.

People who choose to wear Evil Eye Jewelry often do so for spiritual protection, good luck, warding off negativity and promoting positive vibes.

“Traditionally, evil eye jewellery features a design with a blue or black eye staring out from the centre, surrounded by other symbols and colors.”

Luck and positive thinking

This symbolic piece of jewellery is believed to be capable of not just keeping away bad luck, but also bringing good luck and protection to its wearer. This could be in the form of such as a better job or promotion, prosperity, health, and happiness.

It can protect the wearer from any harm that could come their way by keeping away bad luck and negative energies.

Wearing Evil Eye Jewellery is also a reminder to think positively about yourself and others in order to ensure peace and harmony in life. Ultimately, it is meant to bring strength, protection and positivity into the wearer's life!

Good intentions and well wishes

Regardless of whether an Evil Eye necklace is meant for protection or luck-bringing purposes, it is typically viewed as a sign of good intentions and wishes for the wearer's well-being.

This makes it the perfect jewellery gift for a loved one as these pieces are not only beautiful pieces of art but also items with strong spiritual meaning.

It is no wonder that this powerful and meaningful symbol has been used for centuries by many cultures!

What does evil eye jewellery look like?

Depending on the culture, the design of the evil eye can vary, but it generally includes a stylized eye symbol that stands out in some way. 

This can be done through details such as colourful stones, extra artistry around the eye, or even textured materials to give it dimension.

Generally, they have a blue stone that represents the eye, however, there are other colours like green and red available too.

Some necklaces feature an evil eye pendant on a delicate gold chain or sometimes they whereas other people prefer beautiful diamond-encrusted bracelets.


These pieces can be made of high-quality materials such as diamonds and gold and contain symbols like geometric shapes, dark blue or navy blue beads, silver alloy metals and even red string!

While some believe their power lies in the spiritual realm, others are inspired by their striking appearance and stand-out style.

 So whatever your reason for wearing it may be, this distinct form of jewellery makes for a striking addition to any look!

What Is The Meaning Of Evil Eye Jewelry?- Wrapped up,

To sum up, Evil Eye Jewellery is a powerful symbol that represents strength and protection against negativity, while simultaneously drawing in positive energy and blessings.

By wearing it you can feel super empowered knowing that you are taking steps to protect yourself from any harm!

So whether you are shopping as a special gift for someone you love or for yourself, we hope to have helped to explain its timeless beauty and symbolic meaning.

Wearing Evil Eye jewellery is an easy way to show appreciation for life’s blessings and good fortune, while also providing protection against any potential negativity and t is a powerful reminder to have faith in yourself and stay grounded with positive energy!

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