The Beginner's Guide to Buying Handcrafted Jewellery - from Diamonds to Gold

Are you passionate about jewellery and would love to learn more about the exciting world of handcrafted and unique pieces? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! 

In this beginner's guide, our handcrafted jewellery experts here at Didosh will help you discover what you need to think about when considering exquisite artisan jewellery pieces that reflect your personal style!

From choosing quality materials such as gold or diamonds, exploring a vast array of designs, and understanding what makes specific individual items special, our goal is for you to be able to find the perfect piece that expresses who you are!

So read on for an introduction to buying handcrafted jewellery!

So let’s get the mini brief before we head into more details.

Investing in handcrafted jewellery can be an exciting journey, but with so many options to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. Do some research on the piece's history, the craftsperson who created it and consider both your style and occasion when selecting a piece.

Buying jewellery is a world of beautiful choices, whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one.

But with so many options to choose from and an ever-changing market of styles and trends, it can be difficult to know where to begin! 

From diamonds to gold, gemstones to precious metals, here are some tips on how to buy the perfect piece of handmade jewellery for you or a loved one!

Handcrafted jewellery offers so many benefits and more than just the beauty of diamonds and gold! the pieces are made with love, care, and attention to detail.

Whether you're looking for classic items or something that speaks to your individual style, there is sure to be a handcrafted jewellery piece out there that will make you feel special!

Ok, let’s start our quest for more handcrafted jewellery understanding by finding out a little more about one of the most common questions.

Are carats in gold the same as in diamonds?

Read on to discover more!

What is a carat and what does it mean?

A carat is a unit of measurement commonly used to describe the weight of diamonds and other precious stones. but it can also be used to measure the purity of gold.

The purer the gold, the higher the carat value. For example

  • 24-carat gold is considered to be the purest form of gold, meaning it is 99.9% gold and 0.1% other metals.
  • 22-carat gold is also known as 916 gold because it contains 91.67% pure gold. The texture of this gold is harder and more durable than 24k gold due to the traces of metal composition.
  • 18ct Solid Gold jewellery comprises 18/24 parts pure gold, meaning it is 75% pure gold. The other 6 parts (25%) are a combination of metals like silver, platinum and copper This gives the jewellery its strength and colour.
  • Going down the scale, 10-carat gold is only 41.7% gold and the rest is made up of other alloys.

So, next time you're checking out that stunning piece of jewellery, make sure to take a closer look at the carat value to determine its quality.

Are gold carats the same as diamond carats?

So as we discovered above, carats are used to describe the gold content in jewellery, but it’s also used to measure the quality of diamonds.

One carat is equal to 0.2 grams, and it's important to note that the weight of a diamond can have a significant impact on its value.

Generally, the larger and heavier the diamond, the more valuable it is.

So, the next time you're admiring a diamond, you can impress your friends by explaining what a carat is and just how important it is in determining the diamond's value!

Another thing you may have heard about when navigating the world of handcrafted gold and diamond jewellery is the 4 C’s.

What are the 4 C’s?

The 4C's of diamonds refer to the four characteristics that determine the overall quality and value of the stone: carat weight, cut, colour, and clarity.

  • Carat: Carat weight is straightforward, it refers to the weight (in carats) of the diamond as we saw previously.
  • Cut: cut of a diamond determines how well it sparkles and reflects light.
  • Colour: The colour of a diamond ranges from colourless to yellow, and the less colour, the higher the value.
  • Clarity: clarity refers to the imperfections or blemishes on a diamond, and the fewer there are, the more valuable the stone.


It’s also important to keep your budget in mind when shopping for handcrafted jewellery.

Many pieces are one-of-a-kind and can be more expensive than simple costume pieces.

When it comes to price point, decide how much you're willing to spend on your purchase beforehand so you don't get carried away with any impulse buys.

Once you've determined your budget, look into the craftsmanship and quality of materials used in each piece.

This will ensure they last longer than cheaper alternatives which are often mass-produced or cheaply made from lower-grade metals.

A gorgeous handcrafted diamond necklace or other jewellery is an investment and can bring a lifetime of pleasure to you and your family!

It could be you may get together with a family member to purchase an investment piece and create a lasting heirloom for years to come!

The story

Have you ever purchased a piece of artisan jewellery and wondered about the story behind it?

Well, doing some research can reveal exciting details about the piece's origins and the craftsperson who created it.

You might discover that the jewellery-making process involves intricate techniques passed down through generations or that the materials used have a unique cultural significance.

Taking the time to learn about the piece's history not only enhances its value but also allows you to appreciate it on a deeper level, giving it a more personal meaning to you.

So why not delve into the fascinating world of artisan and handcrafted jewellery and discover the hidden stories waiting to be told?


When shopping for handcrafted jewellery, remember to take your time and do your research. You want to make sure that the item is of high quality and worth the investment.

This can mean taking a look at online reviews, asking friends or family members who have purchased similar pieces or speaking with a knowledgeable staff member so that you can make an informed decision.

By investing in handmade jewellery, you are not only supporting local artisans but also creating something special for yourself that will last for generations.

Think about Style

Handcrafted jewellery is a beautiful and unique option, but with so many styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

The key is to consider your personal style and the occasion for which you will be wearing the jewellery.

Are you looking for something bold and statement-making such as our breathtaking evil eye collection?  or something more delicate and dainty such as a more simple but stunning 18ct white gold and diamond neon bracelet.

And don't forget about those extra finishing touches! from engraving initials onto an 18ct rose gold and diamond pendant to setting gemstones into necklaces, these small details can make all the difference in making your piece truly special.

Do you need something to dress up an outfit for a special event, or something for everyday wear?

Don’t forget that you don’t need to save your handcrafted jewellery for ‘best!’ Regardless of its style, don’t be afraid to wear it daily and show off your impeccable style!

Once you have a clear idea of your style and needs, you can start browsing for handcrafted pieces that speak to you.

Don't be afraid to try new things and experiment with your look. The beauty of handcrafted jewellery is that it is one-of-a-kind and can truly reflect your unique personality and style!

Treat your handcrafted jewellery with TLC

Remember that buying handcrafted jewellery is an investment, and one to be treated with respect. With the right care and attention, you can ensure your piece will last for years to come.

Store it in its original box or a protective pouch and keep it away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, and other damaging elements.

Clean it gently with a soft cloth and warm water periodically, and have it appraised regularly so you know its value in case you ever need to have it repaired or replaced.

Have it appraised regularly so you know its value in case you ever need to have it repaired or replaced.

The Beginner's Guide to Buying Handcrafted Jewellery - To End on

From diamonds and gold to other precious stones, the options are vast when it comes to investing in an elegant handcrafted piece that speaks to your individual style.

Keep these points in mind when shopping for handmade jewellery and you'll be sure to dazzle your friends with a timeless piece that truly echos who you are! 

Plus, go beyond just the story behind its artisan craftsmanship – also consider it a lasting investment and a lasting heirloom for generations to enjoy.

Discover our unique collection of gold and diamond pieces available in our store and start your handcrafted jewellery journey!


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